if the light take us​.​.​.

by Blackened Wood

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released March 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Blackened Wood Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: 02-Broken heart
Sadness is here
Still telling
The perfume of greys
the cold colours'

She's also telling
The colours that drying
With the pain of the screams
That i keep within

Sadness's here
The Slumber too
Never dying
This might let me free

Still telling
whilst the aurora comes
the turmoil's colours
that i keep within

Sadness's still here
Never dying
Still telling
Its grey's shades
Track Name: 03-Call of the rope
He was looking for the night
A terrifying soul
He ran away from the light

Far from his memories
The shades of his trace
Hunted by infamy
Gnaws his face

At the dawn of tomorrows
He ran on his path
Believing he would escape his fate
He yelled endlessly

His horrors done
At the twilight of the mad
He took a rope
And tied the noose

Track Name: 04-If the light take us..
Trapped in a cruel world
I lose my time
Blades of time burn my wings
When the owls are singing

Screaming so loud
Voices are deaf and dumb
The stars are crying for my visions
Of a blackening destiny

Gnaw in pain
The stars are disfiguring
My blood that became fear
With the stench of death

Doom the minutes of life
The razor's teeth break
The rays of a black sun
Slowly dying like me

No one can see what i feel
My mind gnaws in void
My tears are only abysses
Where the rivers flown

I may run through the world
My cries are just derision
The words are whipping my illusions
To see those words for me
Track Name: 05-Solitude
Why does this fog is so sad and mysterious?
Like the sadness of those graves
A funeral shade seems to lay there
Like the sun that leaves the place

Never he left, but only veiled by the mist
The only one who leaves the sky
Is the blue, the blackened clouds came
The remains lay there, dying
Only dying
Slowly dying

Goodbye life, the one who kept me here
As i fly away with happiness
As my body and soul dissappear slowly
Only to hear the funeral owls yelling
Only to hear the funeral owls yelling
Track Name: 06-Blackened wood story
There is heavy silences within me
Noiseless silences
That choking my screams
Into a blasting pain

This silence of the wind
From where the hurted tears came
Sorrows that never end
And killing our lifes

Those silent questions
That came back and forth infinitely
Why and how?
Forgettables questions

Why it's so hard to dying?
When it's just a matter of time
Why, Waiting for death
When she came for you today

There is those so white silences
Of a snow that falls
Upon the misery's coat
Where the ghosts lies

This cold, so absent
That stands for your absence
When each days that passed
Was to awaiting you

When death is waiting for you
And the reaper has come now

It's with heavy heart
That i dive into this vast wood
Where i join this deathly dance
Of those wicked dying souls
Of those wicked dying souls
They all let you die
Track Name: 08-She's haunting my thoughts
Shut up oneself is a weird melody
Can be a slow music
That has been create
Throughout the childhood

The true story of this world
The light that fading away in his soul
The silence spread everywhere
Like a music turning into silence

Black night that burns those memories
Because telling about it is recovering hope
But the words are flying away from me

Those echoes from those empty walls
It's my soul that goes out of me
As my blood flows from the cuts
To join the void and its realm

And if i lose myself into the night
And taking to the stars their spark
And i close my eyes to travel for a new world
Far away of those who yelled before my dead body
Track Name: 09-Life lover
The night falls on my sorrows
Overshadowing my being that's dissolving

Gnaws by my fears and bitten by my grief
Losing myself, Hidden by an endless solitude

Alone into darkness, through the mist
I flee away from this madness that follows me
Help me, i cannot do anything anymore

Abandonned by desire, betrayed by dreams
When nothing is to take, it's that life has gone away
Track Name: 10-Suicide room
Why staying tied there?
What's this thing called "life"?
One more reason to die
To leave this painful tie

Soon i'll be dead and rigid
No one will care of my death
Only leaving this shitty life is healing me
Always healing the pain, except if you love her
Except if you love her
Die now, you'll be eternal
Track Name: 12-In Memoria
Dying today
Always forgotten
Out of those cities
In this doomed place

No one will recall
About a druged drinker
Wasting time to live
Spending cash for Meth, Weed and vodka

Some days, so drunk
Some days, so stoned
Some days, so dead
Always dying

Never ending, no way out
No matters how i'll die
No one will ever care
This is how i should end

This bloody corpse
Found in my flat
No other legacy i leave
Except mortality
Track Name: 13-World's ruins
The thunderstorm enlighten my path, rumbling in me
Following its growlings
It enlighten my thoughts, that flies with it

The thunderstorm unleashed in me the thunder that rumbling
The same one which blasts my mind
Each season with no mercy

The thunderstorm kills me with its lightnings
And the reason that loses me
And tearing apart my temporary soul

Eyes closed, i go with fear
Knowing life only brings pain
Now whatever i do i'm afraid

The screams of the funeral owls
Are heard all over this world
Emptied of its lives
Only the deads are still living

Dont want to see the truth anymore
World is prisoner in a dead end
Awaiting for its own death
Then, Death will rules

Dont want to see the truth anymore
World is prisoner in a dead end
Awaiting for its own death
Then, Death will rules